Become Stress Free

A facial is a great way to address any skin concern. We incorporate techniques and products specific to your skin type and issue to allow you to experience immediate, visible and lasting results.

We exclusively use Klapp Cosmetics, a German made pioneer in the world of beauty and known for their innovative in cosmetic treatments.

Mini Facial

Perfect basic facial in between treatments or as a pick me up.

  • 30 mins £35

Organic & Exclusives


Ideal for hypersensitive, dry, irritated and highly allergic skin types. Natural plant-based formula, gluten-free, free of PEGs, mineral and silicone oils. Free of synthetic fragrances and colorants. Free of animal extracts. Dermatologically tested.

  • 60 mins £80


CSIII Collagen Stimulation

Ideal for tight skin with fine lines and wrinkles. It increases collagen production, reduces swelling and is hydrating. It leaves the skin plumper, firmer and more radiant.

  • 60 mins £80


Ideal for dehydrated and dry skin types with fine lines. It provides an intensive moisture supply to the skin, boost cell renewal and protects against harmful environmental influences and free radicals. This treatment leaves the skin smooth, plump and refreshed.

  • 60 mins £70


Ideal for remineralising, regulating, and protecting the skin. It is rich vitamins, trace elements and minerals. This treatment has detoxifying and regenerating effects, and gives the skin antioxidant protection. It leaves the skin hydrated, firmer, smoother, and healthy looking.

  • 60 mins £70

Skin Concellular

Ideal for tired, stressed, acne breakouts and lifeless skin types. It supports the delay of ageing skin, and protects the skins immune system, leaving the skin revitalized, smooth and radiant. This treatment can be adapted to suit any skin concerns.

  • 60 mins £70


Ideal for sensitive, irritated, allergic and stressed skin types. It helps to strengthen the skin’s immune system, effective against premature ageing, and increases the natural resistance of sensitive skin types. This treatment leaves the skin smooth, calm and refreshed.

75 min £85

Caviar Power

Ideal anti-ageing treatment for dry and stressed skin in need of regeneration. It supplies intensive moisture to the deeper skin layers, stimulates the skin’s own repair system and reduces fine lines and wrinkles. It leaves the skin glowing and deeply hydrated.

60 mins £90

Men’s Intensive Facial

This treatment is ideal for all skin types. It is highly deep cleansing, hydrating, anti-aging and has regenerating effects, whilst protecting against environmental influences. It leaves the skin detoxified with an immediate visible effect.

  • 60 mins £70